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The simple way to execute complex analyses

CaseWare IDEA - The standard in Data Analyses

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Quickly combine large quantities of data

from different sources

CaseWare IDEA - The standard in Data Analyses

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Sampling a la carte the easy way

CaseWare IDEA - The standard in Data Analyses

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Prevent fraud in your financial

accounting system

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Why CaseWare IDEA?

The user friendly products of CaseWare IDEA B.V. are assisting professionals worldwide.
Amongst them internal auditors, forensic accountants, fraud experts and financial specialists.

CaseWare IDEA is capable of importing data out of (almost) any source. SAP, Oracle and SQL
are just a small selection out of the variety of databases from where import is an easy
exercise. Also data out of Microsoft Office applications and even  print reports are
no problem at all for IDEA. This enables you to compare, append and combine
data files from different sources and analyze these in detail.

Analyze the imported data, execute powerful queries and complex calculations while
the integrity of the source data is safeguarded.

If the audit of a whole population takes too much time and money, you are able to
generate a subset via a variety of sampling methods. If required IDEA can help
you step by step to define the volume of such a subset.

The results of your analyses within the IDEA environment can be displayed in tables
and graphs. Should you prefer export facility is available for several file formats
including: Microsoft Excel, Access, XML format, PDF and Text.

The interactive audit trail of IDEA offers the history of all your activities. This is all
automatically generated to prevent you loosing time reporting or reconstructing
your working process. You can export or print this automatically generated
overview in order to share the audit process with others.

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IDEA is used by accountancy firms, national and regional government and companies
from midsized up and including most multinationals.

Our products lined up


Generates, in a user friendly way, complex analyses and is therefor the standard in data analysis

Smart Exporter

Fast and easy data export from SAP, both online or offline.

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