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The purchase of a CaseWare is not the end of our relationship but the beginning. As a user of our software
we continuously offer you possibilities to extend your product knowledge and even share your knowledge
with other users. You can also avail to our consultants for specific needs you might have,
we are happy to assist you to a solution to your problem.


All standard training is gathered under the umbrella called “CaseWare Academy”.¬† We both organize training in our facilities in Baarn and train in-house at the customers offices. Allowing small groups by choice we guarantee that there is sufficient attention for all trainees. Our experienced trainers are familiar applying the use of our software in real life practice. In addition we can therefore offer tailor made training on demand.


Our consultants have a treasure in experience in data analysis. They have been working in most market segments and specific needs for applying the products. If desired our consultants can also assist you technically during the implementation of IDEA within your organization.

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For more information on our training agenda or should you need assistance of
a consultant, we are ready to contact you.

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