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CaseWare IDEA Training Courses t.b.d.

I. Complete IDEA user training (2 days)

This training consists of an introduction day and an advanced user day for IDEA.
Based on a variety of business cases and exercises the user will get acquainted with IDEA.
It covers topics such as:

• Project Management, creating and managing of IDEA projects.
• Importing various file types, from Excel up to complex electronic reports.
• Reconciling, profiling data and consult statistical information.
• Identifying duplicates and gaps.
• Work with sampling techniques.
• Relate databases.
• Work with columns and fields and build equations.
• Creating, publishing and exporting results in various formats.
• Importing complex data, such as complicated print reports.
• Relating database using: Joining, Appending and Comparing.
• Connecting multiple databases.
• Isolating and searching for specific transactions in different ways.
• Creating @Functions for criteria, equations and calculations.
• Using Advanced Search capabilities to look for common occurrences.

II. IDEAScript for Analytics

This training course provides an introduction to IDEAScript and Visual Script.
Attendees will learn how to work with IDEAs Visual Basic for Application scripting engine.
Topics covered are:

• Understanding IDEAScript (automating repetitive tasks, local automated audit system, OLE enabled software, special tests or functions and the programming process).
• Recording a script (Script recorder, Visual Script Editor, IDEAScript Editor, creating script from history logs and Project Overview).
• IDEAScript syntaxes, IDEAScript language, Basic script language.
• Working with variables, refreshing the IDEA File Explorer, releasing objects and documenting scripts.
• Using IDEA’s Language Browser.
• Using functions and subroutines.


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