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IDEA Server - The powerful solution for working in teams

Why IDEA Server?

IDEA® Server is an analytics platform that allows organisations to collaborate on data sets, scheduled tasking the analysis and share scripts. All this is being done in the secured environment of IDEA Server.

Users must sign on with a separate user ID and password adding an extra layer of security to your data. Permissions can be set up to allow access to all users or only specific personnel to ensure confidential information remains private.

Data redundancy and duplicated audit efforts are common and costly problems that can be stamped out by having a single point of access to both the audit data and analytics. With one platform to house the disparate data drawn from multiple systems along with the accompanying analytics, the audit team can make synchronized decisions based on accurate information. Audit know-how and expertise can now be kept long term in a central repository.

Ideal for organizations with large data sets and need additional data security.

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