Smart Exporter

Smart Exporter

What is SmartExporter?

SmartExporter is the answer to complex and time consuming SAP related solutions!
With a one-time configuration of the SAP module you can set the access permissions and from there on benefit from frequent and easily obtainable data exports. Within the blink of an eye you will get the data required for your analysis within a folder of your choosing.

SmartExporter offers you optimal support for the technically challenging world of SAP data and its workflow can be integrated with IDEA as well. Data can be exported from SAP fast and easy, both online or offline.

To whom does SmartExporter apply?

SmartExporter is the perfect solution for those SAP users that want to analyse data independently, away from their SAP enviroment. These could be members of the audit, financial or accountancy departements or fiscalists, accountants, controllers, IT people or buyers. But external inspectors such as accountants, auditors and tax-inspectors will benefit from using Smartexporter as well.

Why should you use SmartExporter?

SAP ® has about 92 thousand companies as customer worldwide. Users wanting to analyse data outside their SAP enviroment will have to deal with very specific and often complicated and challenging workarounds. Which tables are relevant for the analysis? How to get the required data from the SAP system? Especially for these challenges SmartExporter is the smarter solution. On top of that it is also extremely easy to use.

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